I started to pick up birdwatching during quarantine and wanted to get a starter set of binocs. After comparison shopping and doing a little research, I picked these as they seemed rugged and good quality at a reasonable price point. I love them! They don’t fog up and they give a nice clear image that’s easily adjustable to get it in focus. They come with lens caps and a small case, everything you need. They are not too heavy at all and fit nicely in the backpack I usually take with me for hikes. The grippy rubber outside is nice for hanging onto them. I do think I might eventually invest in a strap with better padding, but that is a very minor complaint. I thought, ok, as far as binocs go, these are pretty cheap, so I am not going to have crazy high expectations for them. Honestly though, I do not anticipate buying a more expensive pair in the future. This “starter” pair has everything I want as a beginner birder! The image is clear, easy to get in focus, and true to color. I’ve seen so many birds I’ve never seen before this year, like double-crested cormorants, cedar waxwings, Cooper’s hawks, barn swallows, white-breasted nuthatches, caspian terns, and red-bellied woodpeckers, and these binoculars have helped me a great look at all of them, including ones in mid-air, ones far out to sea on Lake Michigan, and in trees from afar off. These are rugged, lightweight, easy to use, and have great image quality. My reasonable expectations have been exceeded and I am so pleased!