After getting fed up with the high maintenance requirements of gas mowers and the hassle of using corded mowers, I finally sprung the $300 for this one. So far, it’s been fabulous.

I’ve never run out of juice from the battery yet, and I’ve done jobs that last about 45 minutes. The battery is easy to get in and out of the charger and the mower. The handle easily folds down for more compact storage. It runs very smoothly and quietly. My favorite part is the very easy lever mechanism to adjust the mowing height.

I can’t talk about the bag, because I just mow with the bag off to get some mulch on my yard. Doing that, I don’t get any grass splash on my pants, which is also nice.

The only drawbacks to this thing are that it’s only 16 inches wide, which is less than some other mowers, and it isn’t self-propelling. However, I wasn’t looking for a bigger or self-propelling mower.

Now I really wish I had just bought this right off the bat instead of dealing with other, less convenient mowers in the past.