Cooking made easy! Well made! Temperature/heat up is amazing! This is an add on to our kitchen gadget, been a while that have look for a good options, tried at least 3 brand/model, finally settled with this! Cooking is similar with a normal stove, where all of the available portable stove is kind of similar with the base plate size, this have a dual (2) glass plate look/made, it is a 7” in diameter.. On a standpoint of using a big casserole or even a wok, may required some hand support through handle of your kitchenware if you are going to do some mixing since the plate is just nice to have it sit, on the other-hand this particular model is by far the best and sturdy, advantage is good grip and balance rubber feet, and also the width have an advantage of being a little wide (L 19 3/4”; W 13”). Temp controller is smooth to control and heat up as desired/quick.. Cleaning is also very easy to maintain. The picture uploaded showing after even multiple times of used. Yes, I normally put back the plastic on the plate for add on protection since used is occasional (Personal as making sure it is COOLED before doing so), after cleaning with a little moist dump cloth or paper towel, dry it up and let it sit for more air dry.. Overall, would highly recommend and we are very happy with this!