I needed a mechanic stand of some kind to use with my Specialized Rockhopper (2010) for basic tuning, cleaning, and adjustments, since I was sick of dealing with the bike upside down. I didn’t want to go and spend the $200 on a Park Tools mechanic stand, also considering I wouldn’t have the space for one in my condo if I wanted to. I looked at the other Park Tools knockoffs that were in the sub-fifty-dollar range, but their reviews were just horrible, and unsurprisingly so. I considered making my own design out of gas piping or PVC, but then I came across this little beauty. It’s tiny and inexpensive, but sturdy enough for the types of repairs that I’ll be doing (i.e. basic derailleur adjustments, cogset cleaning, chain cleaning, etc.). Once the bike chainstays are settled into the little industrial plastic brackets, and the included rubber O rings are fastened over top of each side, the bike really has nowhere to go and all of the moving parts of the bike move without interference. You can even pick the bike up with the stand still attached and move it around if needed. I rarely purchase items that don’t have reviews, but I lucked out on this one and hope other people might give it a go because of my experience with the item.

The only things that I might have changed were to add rubber feet to the bottom of the curved metal legs, to help keep damage down on the powder coating/paint and avoid rust, and possibly widen the base slightly to increase the stability even more. Those are slight mods that don’t affect the existing functionality of the item, but would likely improve it overall. I won’t detract points from it, considering it’s likely at it’s current inexpensive pricepoint by keeping it to the basics.

I’m very happy with my purchase, since I would have spent this much dough on piping and supplies for my own DIY version that I planned to make from scratch. Plus, I saved a bunch of time.